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Susan Finn - Digital Marketing as an Act of Service

Episode Summary

Keeping your audience up-to-date encourages engagement and interaction with your business. Join Carina as she speaks with Susan Finn on using digital marketing as an act of service. In this episode, you will discover unique, must-have digital marketing techniques that serve your intended audience! Stay tuned!

Episode Notes

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Your presenter: Susan Finn, Digital Marketing Guide with Rise Above Noise. Susan believes that every service-based professional has a gift to offer. She believes that marketing is an act of service to those who are currently searching for exactly what you offer.

Susan has created the 'Rise Above Noise' 5-pillar process which offers heart-centered entrepreneurs a step-by-step guide to creating a digital marketing strategy that saves time, attracts clients, and allows them to show up in their own integrity.

These days, Susan is focusing her efforts on helping her clients create their list growth strategy to build an email practice that feels generous while it attracts, nurtures, and converts subscribers.

Her clients feel ‘in control’ having a system that allows them to create generous conversations at scale. They are building their ‘know-like trust’ and growing their business with consistency.

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