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Sarah Mac - How to Share Your Story to Make More Money

Episode Summary

Have you got an exciting tale that others might find relatable? If you answered 'yes' - use that experience to make some well-deserved cash! Join Carina as she speaks with Sarah Mac about turning your story into a profit. Your life may feel ordinary to you, but it might seem extraordinary to someone else. Stay tuned!

Episode Notes

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About Sarah:

My journey as a writer and mindset coach has been one of fully accepting who I am and sharing that with more consistency, skill, and power. What does that even mean? It means: that sharing my life stories and showing up publicly (no matter how much I was pooping my pants about it!) has enabled me to double my income 3 years in a row, hitting 6-figures through 100% organic social media marketing – first with my copywriting agency, Juicy Copy, and then through my coaching business, With Sarah Mac.


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