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Maria Gudelis - She Crushes ECom

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Ecommerce has become an integral part of everyday life for people across the world. Join Carina as she speaks with Maria Gudelis about Ecom strategies. You can revolutionize your way of doing business - Get onboard with e-commerce! Stay tuned!

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About Maria:

Maria Gudelis, the "OG" of hosting wildly profitable micro-content events, lover of travel, fun, people, and butter pecan ice cream! Proud to be a Canadian and Western MBA grad. She first did the "corporate stint", and she started an online hosting company in 2000. Since then, her past "super cool stuff" includes being co-founder of Wildhorse Performance Marketing, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalist, raising millions for her and other software companies, and for the last decade helping over 30,000 people create an online marketing strategy and execution plans that create PROFITs with PURPOSE.


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