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Hailey Rowe - How to Beat Perfectionism in Your Business

Episode Summary

It's no secret that perfectionists tend to make the best entrepreneurs. However, many business leaders may not realize that striving for perfection may be doing more harm than good. Join Carina as she speaks with Hailey Rowe on overcoming perfectionism in your business. Never let perfectionism stand in the way of your greatness! Stay tuned!

Episode Notes

Here are the things to expect in the episode:


About Hailey:

Hailey Rowe is a Marketing & Sales Coach/Strategist for female service providers who want to double their sales & simplify. She teaches time management, marketing, mindset, & sales tips in her Free Podcast & Facebook Group for health & life coaches, Health Coach Nation. Chicago Entrepreneur Magazine named Hailey one of the Top 25 Coaches.

Hailey not only coaches service providers on how to grow their business using her FAST Framework, but she also offers Linkedin Lead Generation & custom marketing services.


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